Sometimes known as the "Somerset Party Massive" GRINGO SKA have been rocking the West and beyond since 1997, when the five of them drifted together from various roots, punk and funky dance bands, and homed in on those good Ska vibrations.

It did'nt take long to discover their talent for providing a GOOD TIME for all discerning music lovers, and their shared enthusiasm for a good party.
The Gringo skill gathered pace in leaps and bounds - many's the dancing feet (and hearts) that have been lifted in tents and fields and crowded pubs and clubs since that hazy summer long ago.

There's no doubt that this is sunshine music, and a festival can be the best place to catch Gringo Ska. Amongst many other festivals, they have played at every Glastonbury since 1997, rocking the crowd through the mighty Avalon stage turbo rig and packing sweaty solar-powered tents with too many bodies .... Or did you catch the legendary unplugged-with-ice-creams set on that bandstand? Or the famous mud-enforced residency in that certain backstage bar? In 1999 the Gringos were the first band to play of the entire festival, sneaking in a gig on Thursday night, which was so over-subscribed that the screen outside the venue was engulfed by dancing throngs....the following year they played the festival out, headlining on the Obscuri stage - though the applause rang on way past midnight.
Ska music can take you to some funny places, but it would be hard to beat one Gringo tour of Ireland that is (hazily) remembered .... did they really load all their gear onto a little boat for a gig at the Jolly Roger on Sherkin Island? ... and then drive off through the dark in a car with no headlights? Have they been seen swinging from trees with bottles of tequila? Have they really played in semi-vertical fields to mad vicars on motorcycles?....or was it all a dream?

Whatever, you can have your own slice of this excitement, charm and sophistication by merely booking GRINGO SKA!

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